Saturday, July 17, 2010

Calling all Hollister freaks

Starting today, July 17 Hollister Co. is promoting the new back to school floor set with new clothes and great sales. Be sure to check it out, Hollister is also starting a contest but I don't have full detail you'll have to become a facebook fan on Hollister fan page, or walk into any Hollister and ask an associate.

Honestly I'm not really a Hollister fan but I thought it'd be good to let you guys know the lastest scoop on what's going on, because I know some people LOVE Hollister.

* All redlines are an extra 50% off!
* Graphic Tee's are buy one get one half off!
* Shorts are on sale for... 25 dollars i believe, they're normally $40!!
* Dresses are $30, normally $40!
* Swimwear is on clearance which again is an extra 50% off!
* Body care is buy 2 for $12, normally $20-$25 dollars.
*& much much more, those are just the goods one i happened to see today.

Hope this helps all the Hco crazed people! Happy shopping! I'm currently editing my videos so i'm hoping i'll have one up soon, fingers crossed!! :)


  1. When does this end? I really need some new shirts

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