Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FOTD: Face of the day?!

If you watch Makeupfreeek on youtube you're familiar with Face Of The Day. They're videos/tutorial to show just a daily makeup routine done by your favorite guru's.

So, because I'm such a fan of these FOTD videos i decided I'd do one since the makeup I was wearing happened to be a fun look. It's such a simple look anyone could do it. It's just a fast way to add a touch of color to your look.

When i think of adding color to a daily look i always think of the bright colored eyeliner which is super cute but there're so many videos on that, so I think this is another alternative for an everyday colorful look. It's not too over the top and it's not too boring either ha ha.

This video is a face of the day video even though I was filming at night ha ha. I know that might seem odd.. "Why is she calling this video face of the day when she clearly is not going out for the day..." Ha ha. I wore this look during the day and i thought it was fun and i really wanted to film a video so i took off all my makeup and basically did the exact same thing i did in the morning ha ha.

This look can be wore for any occasion, even work... depending where you work ha ha. I hope you enjoy this look and if you're interested in my Face Of The Day video click the link below! :)

Talk to you all soon!
Have a magical day!
xoxo Jackie


  1. Sorry sorry sorry i had to delete the video due to copyright issues. I just have to change the song and it'll be up soon! sorry!! =(