Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The New Urban Decay NAKED PALETTE!!!

As you can tell by the title I'm raving about the new Urban Decay Naked Palette! I just picked it up today and I'm seriously jumping up and down right now. This palette is so gorgeous I cannot even describe how amazing this palette is.

A lot of times you'll notice that the Urban Decay palettes feature eyeshadows that they already sell in the individual forms.

But this palette features BRAND NEW eyeshadows that aren't available in the individual form.

The colors are so rich and very pigmented and they feel like velvet just like the case! Yeah how cool is that.. the case is velvet! It looks like a yummy chocolate bar!

It also comes with a mini eyeshadow primer which is great to travel with. I already own the full size Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer but it doesn't hurt to have some extra. This primer is also a great primer to hold your eyeshadows forever. If you haven't tried the primer yet I recommend getting your hands on that as well.

But if you buy the Naked Palette you don't even have to worry about it because it already comes with one :)

It also comes with a duo eyeliner pencil. One side is "Zero" which is a black color and the other side is "Whiskey" which is a beautiful brown color. And right now during summer brown eyeliner is a must. I don't like wearing black for summer because it's just too dark.. Brown is natural and perfect for summer.

But anyways i'm so super duper excited about the palette, i even made a vlog video about it. Be sure to check it out!

This palette might be limited edition so if I were you i'd try to pick one up at your local Sephora FAST!

This palette was so tricky to find, Sephora doesn't have them out for display yet, they're all in the back.. the lady at Sephora told me they JUST got shipment on it today and it's already almost gone, when i got there they only had two more left!! So now they only have one... but that's at the Sephora near my house, hopefully your Sephora will have one in stock for you! :)

Check out my vlog on the palette and go to Sephora ASAP to get your hands on this delicious palette! Talk to you all very very soon! Have a magical day!

xoxo Jackie


  1. I have yet to get my hands on a Naked palette, and now that there are two editions...well, that just makes my choosing twice as hard. You know, because the price tag was a bit steep, it feels like, although I can totally see the quality of the shadows justifying the price...I just couldn't commit. Coupled with the fact I am a bit of a bargain shopper at heart...I think this trait was transferred to me through my Asian upbringing (I'm quite fond of my thriftiness, it's a special part of me)....anyways, BH Cosmetics had just rolled out their customizable pro palettes around the time I started seeing these rave reviews pop up for the first Naked I decided to try to duplicate the original Naked palette using what was available to choose from at BH Cosmetics pro palette singles. Got the 15 slots one...had to do it all by eye....v

  2. Ah, it cut me off...probably the universe saying something to me. Until one day when I finally commit to purchasing the Naked palette for myself, I'll know whether or not the shades I guessed-picked from BH Cosmetics are even close to what is in the actual Naked palette. [girly giggle] Makeup is way too much fun!