Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh how I love a good deal!

Steve Madden "Floret" cross body tote in black. This gorgeous purse sells for around $52 and lucky me found this cutie at my local Ross for only $22!!

If you're not familiar with what Ross is, i'll tell you :)

Ross is a store that sells designer wear and awesome brand names at discounted prices. The expensive companies such as steven madden send their merchandise to stores like Ross when they're overstocked, out of season, or just not selling..

Sometime people think Ross is just fake designer products but it's not. Ross is a really great store to get designer names for a huge discount.. I mean does my example not prove it..? A $52 purse and I bought it for $22! :D

Also if you follow my videos, I did a haul a while back and I purchased Steven Madden wedges (can you tell i love steven madden!) and they were like originally priced at $80-100 and i bought them for like $20! Now tell me that's not a kick butt deal! ha ha.

If you're able to visit a Ross near you I highly suggest you do! They have awesome clothes, purses, shoes, makeup, and more! I also find a lot of ELF cosmetics at Ross as well. Today I didn't see any, I was kind of bummed because you know i LOVEEE my ELF cosmetics! haha.

But yeah i just wanted to share with you guys a great deal i found, check out your local Ross for similar deals OR let me know what great sales you've come across!! :)

Talk to you all very soon! Oh & ps. I'm starting a work out routine tomorrow, thanks to Bonnie aka SushiRockStar. If all goes well this week, i'll share my routine with you guys! :)

Have a magical day lovies!
xoxo Jackie


  1. Cool, I got Harajuku Lovers slip on tennis shoes from Ross for 14 bucks... they run like $40. Amen to getting bargains!