Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wild Edgy Hair Tutorial

I have a fun hair tutorial for you guys! The video is processing now so check my channel in a few minutes! This is the hairstyle I wore to my recent shoot. I thought it was really fun because it's such a crazy wild hairstyle with an edgy-ness to it too. :)

This look is perfect for a fun night out, or for your own photo shoots! This look is so edgy and I know in the picture here i'm wearing just a white blouse, but this look would be PERFECT with a leather jacket or blazer with some cool leggings!

This look is wild, have fun with it! :)

I hope you guys like the tutorial! Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already! And if you're interested in doing this dramatic smokey eye makeup, the video will be up hopefully tomorrow!


Thanks so much for everything! I'll talk to you all very soon! Have a magical day!!!

xoxo Jackie


  1. Hi just wondering, what you use for a bronzer? it looks great :) i'm darker and i have a hard timing finding a good contour color. any recs?

  2. Hey Leilani, I use MAC's bronzer in matte bronze. I feel like the color can work with a lot of skin tones because it's very build-able. When i first bought it I was pretty tan and it worked for me and recently i've been getting lighting due to my lack of sun haha and it still works great. Hope i was able to help girl, thanks for commenting :)

    xoxo Jackie