Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School (how to stay organized)

So if you're not in school already then you're probably starting real soon. I start school this monday. I'm pretty excited because i took a year off school so it's good that I'm finally going back to finish what i started. My boyfriend is already in school, so i know some schools started already but I hope you guys find this to be somewhat helpful and I'm still debating whether or not to make this into a video, what do you guys think?

This is the tote bag that I am going to be using for school this semester. I got it at target for only $12.99. The description of the bag says it's a zebra print but doesn't it look like roots or coral-y sorta stuff? haha Just sayin'. But i loved this tote not for the design (i don't think it's amazing) but i do think this is perfect for all my junk that i need to carry. It's HUGE it fits all my notebooks, folders, planner, pencils, AND LAPTOP! it's perfect. and there's two huge huge huge pockets on the outside of the bag as well for other junk! it's the perfect junk bag, i have a lot of things i always need to carry for school haha. The straps are really thick so it would be a shock if they ripped this semester. I think it will hold up well. I purchased a bag a little similar to this last year for school and was so disappointed when it ripped after the first two weeks. So this time i tried to think a little smarter when choosing a school bag. Target also had this same bag with a purple design it was cute but I wanted a neutral colored bag and this was the best I could do haha.

Now what kind of things do i keep in my school bag to stay organized?!

Well yes of course the first thing i have to keep myself organized is my Hello Kitty pencil case! hahaha! :) Isn't it just the cutest!? I got this baby at a cute little asian store called Morning Glory and they specialize in stationary supplies like notebooks folders and tons of pencils. They also have cute random stuff for your car and what not. You can see their products at Check out their stuff it's the cutest! So yeah i keep this metal tin case in my purse to keep my pencils and pens in check. It drives me crazy when they're all scattered around in my bag. Sometimes it can even damage the bag, like a pen cap can open, a highlighter can easily pop and discolor your bag and the pencil lead can poke holes in your bag. That's a no no. So i love having a pencil case with me.

Here are the goodies i keep inside... just normal school supplies..

I have post it thingys to put on the side of my notebooks or text books. That's definitely going to come in handy when it comes to studying. By the way i purchased everything at target. Next i have of course a hello kitty pencil! It's a mechanical pencil from Morning Glory as well. Even though i already have regular mechanical pencils i just had to buy a cute one to brighten those boring school days. I also bring three different colored Sharpie Highlighters; Yellow, Blue, and Pink. Those are my favorite and i love to make everything colorful. Then in my pencil case i carry a purple and black pen from the Pilot easy touch brand, i love these pens they write so beautifully. Then i have one ugly mechanical pencil for regular days it's from the brand paper mate which is amazing i think! Writes so nicely. & last but no least pencil lead for all the mechanical pencils and i always use 0.5mm because my looks a lot neater with it.

Now don't get scared but i also have...

Yes, FIVE MATCHING HELLO KITTY FOLDERS! hahaha, can you tell i'm a little obsessed with Hello Kitty? But the reason I have 5 folders is to keep my work for each class in a different folder. This semester i'm not doing the whole three ring binder stuff. I'm going to try things differently and see if this is better. Once my classes have been determined I'm going to label each folder to make it less confusing haha.

& of course we have the boring notebooks and planner. The pink notebook is a 4 subject notebook it's actually a pretty small one but that's because a lot of my notes will be in my laptop, but it's good to have just in case. & I always have to have a planner even when i'm not in school, i feel incomplete without one....

Oh and don't forget the hello kitty notebook of course! haha :) I'm not sure what i'm going to be using this for yet but it was only like 89 cents so why the heck not! haha. All the hello kitty supplies can be found at your local Target. So basically that's all i keep in my school bag, well i didn't include makeup bag, and cell phone and ipod and food.. haha i always bring food to school. I'm always always hungry haha. So yeah i hope some of you found this SORTA helpful. This just give you some ideas on how to organize for school. I'm the worst at taking notes and stuff but i think if you have a fun notebook like this it'll be a little more enjoyable to pull out your notebook in class. Also if you have colorful pens that's always fun! :)

Some last tips before you go off to school:
*Go a day before school starts to find where your classes are so you won't get lost the first day.
*Write everything the professor says, or type it in your laptop. It's always good to go back on.
*Bring water and a small snack to eat after class so you have energy and can focus. (sometimes i forget to eat before class and i don't have water with me and i feel so light headed it's impossible to pay attention)
*Don't be afraid to ask questions. (I still have problems with that but i'm trying to man up! haha)
*Always make at least one friend in every class so you have someone you can study with.
*Don't worry about trying to be friends with everyone especially in college no one cares to be popular or cool. Everyone just wants to pass the class :)
*Sweats ARE okay for class in college haha.

If you think i should make this post into a video let me know! Other than that i'll talk to you all later! :)

Have fun in school and try your hardest and never give up!
Good luck! Have a magical day! <3 div="">

xoxo Jackie


  1. All that hello kitty stuff is so cute :) Good luck on your first day of school ^_^