Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ELF: Super Glossy Lip Shine

I recently saw a video from emilynoel83 talking about amazing cheap products and the ELF super glossy lip shines was something on her list. I didn't go out today in hopes of buying these glosses but today while i was at my local Ross i came across a set of them so i said hey for a dollar each why not?

Right now i'm wearing Groovy Grape and it's a very wearable gloss with not a lot of color. I haven't tried the other glosses but from the swatches I would agree this one has the least amount of color to it. They're not sticky at all like MAC's dazzleglass and they don't taste horrible either.

Haha well i'm not saying they taste yummy or anything but if you lick your lips a little it has a bit of a fruity taste to it, so not bad not bad! :)

It comes with 5 glosses so here are the pictures and names of the glosses it came with and swatches as well.

Groovy Grape (It came with two, not sure why but probably because it's the most natural looking gloss...)

Los Angeles (A pretty bright pink color)

Pink Lemonade (which does not remind me of pink lemonade at all haha)

& last but no least Plumtastic (which is a perfect name for this dark purpley gloss)

Those are all the glosses, and here are the swatches of them in the same order, Groovy Grape, Los Angeles, Pink Lemonade, and Plumtastic. There are only 4 swatches because since there are two Groovy Grapes i only did one swatch of them.

If you've tried ELF's Super Glossy Lip Shines already let me know what you thought of them? & which one is your favorite? If you haven't tried them yet I'd say why not, they're a dollar each and so far they don't seem too bad to me. This is just my first impression but since it's a dollar you really don't have much to lose :)

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Have a magical day!
xoxo Jackie


  1. Cool review! I haven´t heard of this elf products before. :)

    greetings jackie :)

  2. these sell at target now! the "Minty Lip Gloss" line is my favorite and very similar to that of the avon lip glosses.

  3. I didn't really care for their lip glosses, I found them to be extremely sticky and not glossy. I have a peach one and the watermelon one also. Just found them to be too sticky for my taste! love your channel and your blog! ♥