Monday, September 20, 2010

Quicky update! :)

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing fantastic! :)

I know I never come onto my blog anymore and i'm sorry. My internet tends to freeze when I'm on blogger so I don't always come on here. I wish i could because I actually enjoy blogging. I even checked out the LUUUX website to make an account there but oh my gosh that's even worst haha the pages wont even open for me.

ANYWHOO, just wanted to give you guys a quick quick update on everything because i love you all and miss blogging.

* Halloween tutorials in process, need more request. What do you guys want to see? I'm already doing jasmine, avatar, 2 queen of hearts (a creative sexy one and then one based off the movie) and i'm doing alice (that one was requested, i know her makeup isn't too crazy or anything...) and more more more.
* School is crazyness right now! I'm still trying to get into the swing of things. But remember in my vloggin bloggin video i posted and i mentioned how in my speech class I'm going to be talking about how YOU guys have inspired me? :) yeah i'm thinking of posting my speech here or on youtube to show you guys, what do you think? i need feedback first before i actually decide to post it.
* IMATS, i know it's very very early to be talking about IMATS already but I'm going to the LA IMATS for sure and I wanted to know if any of YOU were going... i'd love to meet you guys, you guys are my inspiration so WHY WOULDN'T I WANT TO MEET YOU!? :D
* & last, how have you guys been? I miss you all! Let me know in the comments how school is going or what tutorials you'd like to see in the upcoming videos! i'd love to hear from you all!

Sorry this is kinda a short blog, i'm doing homework and getting ready for school at the same time haha.

Take care and have a magical day!
love you all!

xoxo Jackie

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