Thursday, October 21, 2010

Everyone wants to be Lady Gaga for Halloween

"Hello Hello Baby You Called I Can't Hear A Thing,
I Have Got No Service In The Club You See You See..."
Here's my next look!! :)

Lady Gaga from her every so popular "Telephone" Music Video
Although Lady Gaga had about 1000 and one different looks
this one stood out to me most, I love the toughness of it :)

Details about this look.

Face: L'oreal True Match Foundation in Honey Beige
Highlight: Benefit's highbeam (applied on cheek bones, cupids bow, bride of the nose, and forehead)
Bronze: Ulta's powder bronzer (applied under cheek bones, forehead, and side of the nose)
Eyebrows: Covergirl's black eyeliner pencil (fill in heavily, sharp arch, and flick it out at the end)
Eyeshadows: 88 palette colors; all over lid I applied a mix of off whites and then a white shadow on the brow bone and inner corner. then i mixed two brown, gray, taupe-y colors and applied it about the crease and then on the inner corner of my eyebrow and dragged it towards the bridge of my nose.
Eyeliner: Carbon Black Lineur Intense from L'oreal felt tip pen, applied a thick layer of liner and made a wing that was about an inch long and covergirls black eyeliner pencil on the tightline and on the outer part of the waterline, on the inner water line I applied NYX white eyeliner pencil
Mole: for the Mole/beauty mark I used the Lineur Intense again and made a dot right under the eye.
Lips: For the lips I used Ulta's Moroccan Red and then Covergirl's black eyeliner pencil to outline the lips and I took my smashbox #6 lip brush to blend it together, giving the lips a dark bloody red color.

I parted my hair to the opposite side then teased it a lot.
I used 3 soda cans, because that's all my short little hairs could hold.
Of course add more if you have longer hair.
Wrap your hair around the soda can and then
bobby pin the life out of your hair ha ha.

I'm wearing a brown leather jacket from Forever 21
A dog collar
and some black work out gloves
If you have studs definitely add those to this edgy tough look
Go crazy with it :)

Simple as that! :)
If you recreate this look please send a picture to my facebook fan page.
I'd love love love to see your look!

Hope you guys enjoyed this look.
Like i mentioned in my video...

Lady Gaga is the most requested costume this year
and if you don't know what to be yet for Halloween
I would definitely recommend doing this look.
It's simple, fast and anyone can rock this look!
I love Lady Gaga and I love this look I hope you guys do too! :)
Thanks for stopping by, Have a magical day!
xoxo Jackie

ps. check back to my blog to get a sneak peek of my next look..... :)