Tuesday, October 12, 2010


She's here! The Queen of Hearts! The foul-tempered Queen of Wonderland is here.
It's been requested that I do a Queen of Hearts look and I was so excited about this request, however I saw that on Youtube SO many people did the Queen of Hearts look from the recent Tim Burton movie. So I decided I'd do a different take on the look.
But if you want to see THE PERFECT Queen of Hearts look inspired by the movie then watch the lovely Kandee Johnson recreate her look. ---> Click Here!

If you attended IMATS this year in LA you probably remember the Alice in Wonderland student competition and the Queen of Hearts was one of the characters on stage and her makeup was AMAZING, she didn't win but I absolutely fell in love with her makeup. She was definitely my favorite.

So once I got this request I thought It would be perfect to do a look inspired by the look I saw at IMATS! :)

I'll admit I think this look is a little.... not pretty, but I tried my best and I hope you guys like it.

So here's all the details about the look:

> Foundation: L'oreal True Match in honey beige
> Concealer: Lise Waiter concealer wheel
> Powder: MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in medium plus
> Contour: MAC's eyeshadow in red brick (applied on the hair line and cheek hallows)
> Eyebrows: Regular cheap glue stick and dark brown eyeshadows from 88 palette
> Eyes: LA colors liquid eyeliner, NYX black eyeliner pencil, Urban Decay eyeshadows in oil slick, last call, and grifter (all these can be found in the ammo palette), Hard Candy creme eyeshadow in flashy, MAC's eyeshadow in red brick
> Lashes: Salon perfect #23 on upper lash line and Forever 21 natural looking lashes for lower lash line
> Lips: MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in medium plus, MAC's lipliner in cherry, Ulta's lipstick in moroccan red, the color workshop's bright red lipstick (no name)

> Extensions: Foxy Lock's Extensions (160 grams) 20' Deluxe clip in hair extensions in off black Click Here!
> Style: I didn't use hair spray or hot tools just because I wasn't going to keep them in long, only for this look. The slight curls you see are the curls I did the last time i wore my extensions. However you could style your hair any way you'd like. I did however, use a rough bristle brush to tease sections in my hair to apply the extensions and then once I put the crown in place I made two little side poofs to frame the crown and just secured with bobby pins.

> Crown: Red and white foam board from Walmart and a queen of hearts playing card. I cut the foam into the shape of the crown the cut straight lines from the white foam sheet and made that space ship looking shape in the crown and then cut a large white heart and a small red heart and placed it in the center and for the playing card i just squished it in between the two hearts to hold
> Shirt: I got red fabric and cut and sewed it to fit me as a tube top then got a lot of playing cards (all of them are hearts) and used fabric glue to attach them all over the shirt. and in the back I left it open and took 3 tulle strips and tied bows to secure the shirt. (With bows in open and close the shift will make getting in and out of the shift a lot easier)
> Tutu: I got 3 yards of black and red tulle from Yardage Town and cut them into strips about 1-2 inches wide and then tied them all around a piece of elastic. I created two layers of tulle to make it extra big and poofy. Then i took the royal hearts card and used fabric glue to randomly attach them all over the tutu.
> Leggings/Tights: I purchased these a while ago from G by Guess. I wanted to get black and white striped tights for this look but I wasn't able to find any my size =( but the plain black ones worked out just fine :)
> Shoes: I actually didn't wear shoes with this look but I would suggest black flats, or if you're trying to make this look sexy I'd go with strappy black heels.
> Accessories: I forgot to wear mine in the pictures but lace fingerless gloves are AWESOME with this look. Don't forget to throw those on, it will complete the look :)

Go to: www.youtube.com/jaaackjack to see how to do the costume and makeup for the Queen of Hearts

I hope you enjoyed this look and for any requests you can send them in to my facebook page, it's so much easier for me to see. Thanks so much!

Hope you all have a magical day!

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xoxo Jackie


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