Monday, October 18, 2010


Oh the joy of looking back at old pictures from high school....
please ignore my super serious (kinda funny) face ha ha.

This is a picture of me when I played soccer in high school.
I was never really good but it was so much fun
and this picture was probably the best shape my body has ever been
which isn't saying too much but now that I've been out of high school
for almost 2 years now it's hard to stay athletic
because in college if you want to be on a sports team
you have to be good ha ha ha.

Or in order to stay in shape you have to buy a gym membership
which I personally do not enjoy. I had a gym membership
during high school and I would work out at 5am every morning before school
but I was miserable! I hate the gym because people can see
how bad I am at using all the crazy machine and how weird
I run on treadmills and how I can't lift anything heavier than 10 pounds.

So how did I NOT gain the freshman 15 in college without
being on a sports team and not having a gym membership??

I'll tell you my secret....

If I could have played soccer or ran track for my college FOR SURE I would have,
but i'm not talented enough for that so I had to figure out something else to do...

And paying for a gym membership was something I wasn't down to
do either because I did it once and I dislike going very much!

Instead I swam 10 laps in my pool. (I have a pool in my
backyard but there are always near by community pools
in most areas, so check out your local pools)

I would do road runs, because I LOVE long distance running.

And i would dance! Some people dance for a team
and in the clubs and I don't do either...

There's no way to embarrass yourself because no one can see you.
I lock my door and turn up Shakira and dance like I know what I'm doing! ha ha!
Then i'll change the music to hip hop and dance like how I think
people dance in a club ha ha, I've never gone to a real club before ha ha.
And maybe I'll switch the music to something rockish or crazy
and just jump around and go crazy.

I know it sounds like i'm a 5 year old high on sugar but it's so much fun
to just let loose in the comfort of your own room.
I sweat like crazy (gross info i know ha ha) and I'm no expert
but I'm sure I'm burning calories too! ha ha.

After dancing for about 15-20 minutes I'll do some real workouts.
These aren't too difficult so I have no problem doing them all the time.
Still alone in my room I'll start doing leg lifts to work out my bum bum.
And then I'll do about 100 baby crunches.

For leg lifts all you do is go on your hands and knees and
keep your foot flat and just raise your leg up towards your back,
keeping your knee at a 90 degree angle.
And the baby crunches are just laying on your back with your knees
bent up and then you raise your upper body as much as you can
towards your knees. I can't lift much so only my shoulders
get off the ground and that's about it. But I really feel the burn.
People say doing a million crunches won't get you results but
they're all lying to you! I did crunches everyday in high school
and I had such a flat stomach, it was the part of my
body I was most proud of and all i did was crunches.
I swear I think i had maybe a 4 pack or something ha ha.

I will admit that a lot of days I feel too out of even to even try
working out but If i just turn on some fun music I can't help but dance :)

If you're having problems staying in shape during college or just in general
try these simple work outs and hopefully you'll start to see results.
let me know how it goes and if you have any questions
feel free to ask, i'll answer right away :)

Good Luck

xoxo Jackie


  1. Thanks for the advice! I think I'll try out some of this :)

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