Thursday, November 4, 2010

100 Degrees in Fall?!

This picture was taken on my 16th birthday party.
I was super duper dark and burnt, I ran track so I was constantly in the sun.
And now I'm about to get that dark again!!!

It's November now and it feels hotter than Summer.
I walk to my car and I'm already sweating.
I actually just finished filming a tutorial in my bathroom and I was sweating!


I love living in California, I always bragged to my out of state family
that we have the best weather ever! But now i'm second guessing myself.
I'm sad I never actually get to enjoy the fall and winter seasons.
I never get to wear cute fall and winter clothes like boots, scarfs, coats, etc.
I'm still walking around in shorts, tank top, and flip flops.
& I know for a fact it's going to be the same way once winter comes.
It's always like that.

All we wear is sandals or rainboots when it rains.
We don't get super cold weathers at all..
Gosh listen to me, i'm sitting here complaining about my weather...
I can't even imagine people in Nevada & Arizona.
I got to give you guys props, it's way hotter there.

There's actually A LOT of places that are a million times hotter
than California, but still i'm dying in this weather haha.
Is everyone else enjoying their fall season weather?
Or are you suffering just like me? haha.

GUESS WHAT... i have two giveaways coming up.
So keep checking back to my channel for them :)
Thanksgiving giveaway and Xmas giveaway.
Oh tis' the season to give :D

I want to connect more with my viewers/readers.
I think i'll randomly have questions of the day or something haha.
Just silly fun questions, nothing personal haha.
What do you guys think?

Let's start with this haha..

What do you look forward to on Thanksgiving?

I'm looking forward to the stuffing!
I wish we had family come over but we don't live near any family
and i'm pretty sure my dad is gonna have to work, so I can't
say i'm looking forward to spending time with the family
since that most likely isn't happening, so food is the next best thing :)

I'd love to hear your answers!
Have a magical day!
xoxo Jackie


  1. i live in newyork its like 52 degrees here "/
    i wished i lived in cali

  2. codename "Blackjack" secret agent under disguise. haha.