Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm just all over the place

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate!
& for those who don't, no worries, Happy Happy Holidays to you :)

So if you've noticed I've be constantly changing my background/layout
of my blog and that's because I really want me blog to look nice
but I'm NEVER EVER satisfied with how it looks.

Even now i'm REALLY not diggin it.
I guess you can say i'm a perfectionist.

But I tried to make my own banner, as you can see above
and oh my gosh i think it's the cheesiest ugliest thing ever.
But i'm really not good at making banners, any advice or website you recommend?

How lame am I, i made my entire blog match the makeup
in my banner picture! HAHAHA!

Okay so now next you'll probably notice that I stopped the
30 day challenge. I'm sorry i know... FAIL!!
But i just got so bored with it, the questions were lame
and so repetitive. I guess that's what I get for
not reading through it before I agreed to take the challenge haha.

But i think i might try to do another challenge that I
came across on Tumblr. I'll look over the questions
and if it's good i'll do that and i'd love for all of you to join me :)

Man I want this blog to be more organized.. I have a long way to go.
Wish me luck.

Happy Holidays
xoxo Jackie


  1. Hahaha! We share the same sentiment, Jackie! But I'm still going to finish the challenge... I'm just going to do it all in one entry :)) But before posting it, I'll just put a jumpbreak so it wouldn't use up all the space in my home page :))

  2. Your blog looks nice like this :)

  3. Aww Thank you Roro, yeah I'm still fixing it up, I swear i'm like changing it everyday! hahaha. we're getting there though! xD