Tuesday, November 2, 2010

People will always try to bring you down...

As mean as that sounds, it's very true.
No matter who you are or what you do, you're always going to run into those
people who bring you down, discourage you, and hurt you.

I hate knowing that that statement is true, I wish it wasn't,
but since it is, I'm here to tell you it's okay, it will get better...

Probably by now most of us have experienced this unfortunate
concept already. Maybe you're in an abusive relationship and you don't
know how to get out, or maybe you're harassed or bullied at school, or
you live day by day in fear from your own parents. There's so many ways to feel
hurt, lost and discouraged but there's only one way to get through it....


You have to believe that better days will come.
You have to believe that this pain will pass,
and you have to believe that you're strong enough to overcome this.

I know what it feels like to get constantly hurt and emotionally abused.
(a topic you probably won't hear me bring up again..)
I've felt so low that I really thought life wouldn't get any better.
But you can't think like that. When I thought there was no hope for myself
I got no where, If anything, it only made it worst.

But then my boyfriend Johnny told me something that I'll never forget.
It wasn't a specific word or sentence, It was a conversation I had with him,
& it brightened my day and made all the pain disappear.

He started off by saying all the good things about me and all the
good things I have in my life & he told me it's not always going to be
like this. Things will get better.

(you always hear that but when it comes from someone special thats when it hits you most)

& Think of the future, and all the joy you'll have, he said we'll be
married with two beautiful kids in a lovely cozy home. I'll be an established
makeup artist and life will be perfect, I'll be the happiest girl in the world.
(know you know my happy little fantasy)

Johnny just kept telling me how strong I am, I'm better than this,
I will overcome the pain that others bring on me.
It means nothing, who cares what anyone else says,
Be happy, this is your life, so live it how YOU want too,
no how others MAKE you.

& this is true. Don't let what others say bring you down or hurt you.
You're beautiful and wonderful and nothing anyone says is going to change that.
Believe that it will get better,
because it will....

Johnny was always there for me to help regain my strength and be happy.
& now I'm going to be here for all of you.

So the next time you're feeling hurt from others, take
a step out of the box and breath. Now think of all the
wonderful things about yourself...

You are special.
You are different & unique.
You're beautiful.
You're smart.
& You are strong! :)

Now think of all the good things in your life.

I may not know all those but you're here reading this
so that means you're alive and that is something
to be thankful for, & not only that but you are loved. <3 b="">

I'm sending my love to all of you to give you hope and help
you believe in brighter days.

By now, you know the good things about yourself,
and the good things you have.
So next, think about your future.
What are your dreams and hopes for your future?
Imagine it's happening right now...

Are you a rockstar on stage?
A happy stay at home mom?
A successful business person?

What do you wish for your future?
Dream it, now create it.
Make it come to life.
You're strong enough to make it happen.

So I've already told you my dream for my future.
I hope to be a successful makeup artist and be
married to my wonderful high school sweetheart
and have two gorgeous kids in a home in California.

So now let's step back into reality, where the pain first started...

Why did this problem start?
Why is this person being mean to you?

Whatever the answer is, it doesn't matter.
Really, think about it. Are you going to let this mean
person control your life and your future....?


You're going to live an amazing life.
You just have to believe it.
I'm here for all of you and I want each & everyone
of you to know you're beautiful and strong.

Ignore what others say.
Don't let if affect you & if it does...
remember what I said, hold you're head up high, smile, and believe.
We all have it in ourselves to do it.

Remember to believe you are strong.
You are beautiful & you are loved <3 div="">

Have a magical day!
xoxo your friend that loves you, Jackie


  1. Aww Jackie, this is a very inspiring post! I'm very glad you did this as we all need to spread more love around! If I ever feel down I will come re-read this post, thank you!


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