Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas from Oklahoma!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! :)

(Brookie, Jackie, Katie, and wittle Cali)

Since this blog is to get more personal with me...
I'll share with you how my Christmas went.

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I drove cross country
to visit my family in Oklahoma! But i don't think you knew that
we surprised my grandparents by showing up. No one knew we
were coming to visit, only one of my aunts knew and she did such
an awesome job keeping it a secret for the past month!

So when we got there on Thursday we unpacked all our stuff
at my aunt's house, which is like 20 minutes away from my grandparents
house, then we freshened up and drove over to surprise them.
It was amazing, their expression and happiness was priceless,
definitely the best christmas gift ever <3

Then on Christmas day, which was yesterday, we woke up and got
dressed and then went back to my grandparents house to open
presents, eat, and watch endless movies...

Here's what I got from Santa this year :)
-$100 gift card to Ulta
-Three $20 gift cards to Sephora
-A pink bath robe, random but very helpful
-Two sparkly flower bracelets <3
-A girls glamour guide book haha
-$10 gift card to itunes
-Smashbox Holiday Make a Wish Lipgloss Set

And when I get back home my boyfriend and I are exchanging gifts :)
I have NO idea what he got me! He knows what I got him but I'm clueless
on to what he got me for Christmas, I'll do a post on that when I find out

I was surprised by all the gifts I got, I told everyone I didn't want anything
for Christmas, I was so happy just to be with my family, I didn't need
any other gift, but still i'm very thankful for everything I got.

How was your Christmas, or if you don't celebrate it, how
were your holidays? Good I hope, let me know in the comments :D

So the day after Christmas, which is today, we did a little shopping,
and I planned to use my Sephora gift cards but I couldn't
decide on what to get so I'm gonna wait..

But I did buy a bunch of E.L.F cosmetics which I'm very excited about.
Don't think i'll do a haul or anything, but if you're interested in
a christmas type of haul let me know..

So after shopping we went to my FAVORITE bbq restaurant in Oklahoma...
OMG it's so delicious, best ribs ever and yummiest pulled pork sandwiches!

And then we went to Rhema's Christmas Lights in Oklahoma
and it was so beautiful! :)
I've never seen so many wonderful lights! I loved it!

It was about 20 degrees and being a California girl, I thought
I was just about to die! It was painfully cold, wowwie!

So tomorrow morning we're heading back home and I can't
wait to be in warmer weather! This Christmas vacation was
wonderful but I miss my boyfriend and can't wait to be home.

Happy Holidays!
xoxo Jackie


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