Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How To: Get Started in Modeling

Before I get into the actual tips and advice on how to start modeling I just want
to share some things with all of you. If you have ever considered modeling,
for fun or for a living, I say go for it. Don't let anything or anyone stop you.

If you think you're too short to model look at Kate Moss, Twiggy, and so
many others. If you believe you cannot model being short than you cant.
You HAVE to believe you can in order to do so. And this applies to everything.

If you're plus size or TOO TALL like Anne Ward, embrace it!
I know you hear so much about how the modeling industry will
only accept certain body types, certain looks, well that's true to some
degree, but take a look around you, more and more NORMAL
people are becoming models in magazines and runways.

Just believe in yourself and you will achieve.

Okay now onto the modeling tips, so how to get started in modeling....

-DO NOT go to any modeling school, no matter what they say
it won't benefit you and you'll lose a lot of money that way..

-If a company or "agency" says you'll be a model if you just
pay $$$ this amount, walk away, it's not legit. REAL LEGIT AGENCIES
do not ask for money from their models, they make their
money the same way the models make their money, the agency get
a certain amount (percentage) from a models paying gig.

-Use I used it for a while and I must say
it is a wonderful way to get started and experienced

Just listen to me please, for your safety don't go alone, bring an escort.

-Go to castings found on model mayhem for photo shoots, jobs,
and runway fashion shows. they're a lot of fun :)

haha I really mean it.

-For castings and interviews keep your hair and makeup natural.
Less is more! Hair down or in a pony tail.

-For clothes wear form fitting clothes that show your figure
and whatever your figure is.... WORK IT :)
I recommend a boy tank and skinny jeans and some nude pumps.
(nude pumps will also make your legs appear longer)

-Create a portfolio and a comp card and always update it.

-Last but not least, send out your comp cards to agencies
or contact them to set up an interview date.

Good luck! <3 div="">
xoxo Jackie


  1. I really enjoyed this video. When I was younger, I always wanted to be a model, but I never quite pursued it all the way. After watching this, I think I might give modelling another try once I'm in college. :) Thank you!

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