Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Replying back to everyone

It's past 1am and I'm trying to reply back to all the comments and
messages that I have on Youtube and I'm just so amazed.

I wanted to take the time to just stop and say thank you.
I'm reading all of your comments and messages and my
heart is in total awe. You guys are leaving me the most
sincere and heart warming messages ever.

I just texted Johnny and told him I'm literally
about to start crying. I can't believe how sweet people

I've read, "Your videos make my day brighter" "You're an inspiration"
"You're my favorite" or "You inspire me to be more positive"
and I'm reading those and thinking, WHO WHAT ME?!
Like I'm in shock that I can even have an impact in someone's life like that.

I always knew I loved to help others but I didn't realize
how happy I was to help others until Youtube.
Because of you guys I'm more eager and excited
than ever to help other people everywhere.

One day I hope to travel the world and help everyone in some way or another.
& knowing Johnny and his huge heart and love for helping others
as well, I know he'll be right there beside me. :) :) :)

It makes me so happy reading all of your comments.
And I appreciate each and every one of you.
Honestly, I wish I could meet all of you just to give you
a big giant hug! and a bag full of candy, because
who wouldn't love a bag full of candy? haha :)

Thank you all for everything. Words really can't explain how
much I care and love each of you! (Without sounding too cheesy)

Haha no but really, I love all of you so much!
Have a magical day!
xoxo Jackie


  1. I think you are such a positive influence because you are always so cheerful and happy go lucky in your videos. Your videos really always lift my spirits, because you are so happy in them! =]