Monday, March 21, 2011

Katy Perry Grammy 2011 Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Katy Perry Inspired Makeup from the 2011 Grammys

I chose to do this look because it's also a perfect look to start off
the Spring season that is on it's way. I'm so excited about
the bright colors in this look, I think it just screams Spring.

I created a video tutorial for this look but I decided to also do
a blog post tutorial, let me know what you guys think...

Start off by priming the eyes with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

Apply a light shimmery purple on the lid

Apply a darker matte purple in the crease

Darken the outer corner with a black eyeshadow

Blend with a clean blending brush

Apply a highlight to the brow bone and inner corner

Apply a light green eyeshadow on the
inner half of the lower lash line

Apply a brighter green on the
outer half of the lower lash line

Cheap eyelash glue

Take just a tiny bit of glue

Lightly dab on the entire lid

Use purple glitter

And apply onto of the eyelash glue

Use a cream or gel eyeliner

Line your eyes like you regularly would with a slight wing

Curl lashes

Apply your favorite mascara (L'oreal Voluminous)

Use dramatic lashes (E.L.F. dramatic lashes)

This is what it looks like after applying the lashes

Fill and darken eyebrows to match Katy's bold eyebrows

Apply foundation

Conceal problem areas

Under eye area and around the nose

Blend with ring finger

Use a translucent setting powder

Apply bronzer (Ulta's Powder Bronzer)

Apply blush to apples of the cheek (E.L.F. Fuchsia Fusion)


& fill lips (NYX Fuchsia lip liner)

Finish with a sheer barbie pink lipstick
(Covergirl's Powerpink lipstick)

Here's the finished look, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

Please visit my Youtube channel to watch the video tutorial on this look.
Thank you again, see you guys next time!

Have a magical day!
xoxo Jackie


  1. Just gorgeous, sweety!
    XOXO from a new follower!!

  2. I love the look! It's so colorful! :)

  3. I love the glittery-ness! What did you use to fill your brows? xx

  4. Thank you Catanya and Michelle <3
    & Hi Priscilla I used the Two Face Brow Envy kit to fill my eyebrows :)

  5. Hi i saw your look and youtube and i love it, really pretty with the glitter ^^

    PS: i will follow you ! ^_~
    if you have time please visit my blog:


  6. Heyyy Jackie! I recently saw your video about you getting sick.. I hope you feel tons better soon! That reminds me of a really bad experience I had in the past too.. and wow... was it TERRIBLE! Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and take it easy love!

  7. I use Revlon photoready foundation, Im guessing you have quite olive coloured skin, which colour do you use?? I recently purchased Nude and I think its slightly too pale for me, like in the daylight my skin looks fine but it photographs I look so white. :/

    LOVE. X

  8. I did the same exact Katy Perry-inspired look lol!