Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun in the Sun: Glitter Nail Tutorial

Fun in the Sun: Glitter Nail Tutorial

I've been so obsessed with glittery nails and a lot of nail polishes have such
a sheer wash or glitter, I wanted my nails to be full on BAM Glitter in you face!
Haha so I came up with a way to create that.
I hope you enjoy.

First I painted my nails with a base, which is an important step you
do not want to skip out on. The glitter will be VERY difficult
to remove without a base.

Next take any nail polish in any color. This will act as our "glue"
for the glitter to stick too. That's why it doesn't matter
what color you choose because it will be covered by glitter.

I'm using CND's Amethyst Sparkle

Next take any bright loose glitter. I think the
NYX Glitter on the go's are perfect for this look.
You can find these at ULTA or any other place
that sells NYX products. I'm using "Forest"

Now simply just dip your nail into the glitter.

Once you've completed this, just add a top coat

Because the glitter is very rough and thick it may be best to
apply two-three thick coats

And this is the complete look! I hope you guys enjoyed!

Watch my video tutorial below for more details :)

xoxo Jackie


  1. Love love ! Ill try this for sure ! Its so me ! And simple :P The only thing is the top coats :/ But they are necessary !!