Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back to Black

Outfit of The Day: Back to Black

I know in my recent video and my recent blog post I said I'm trying to
stay away from black clothes but I just couldn't help it! Haha.

So today was a busy busy day, it was prom night for the local
high school in my area and I was fortunate enough to
doll up a few girls for their big night. If you follow me on
twitter you would have seen that I posted a picture of...


Haha cute huh?

I set up a little mini beauty shop in my living room and this
is where I will do the majority of my clients now,
unless it's a traveling gig.

Now for my outfit I'm just wearing a black long sleeve
and black jeans with my awesome leopard wedges.


Haha can you guess what my favorite store is?

I'm wearing my extensions today and I also have my
daytime smokey eye which I'll post a tutorial on soon.

I'm so tired from today, I'm gonna hit the hay now.
Is that how that saying goes? "hit the hay?" haha

Anywho, Goodnight!

Love you all,
have a magical day when you wake up :)

xoxo Jackie


  1. how exciting!! I wished you would of recorded it so we can see how you did everything!! Is it possible for you to show us what you bring on a makeup gig..and like your train case??

  2. That looks amazing! I wish I could have you do my hair and makeup! I tagged you in an award here:
    I also wanted to say thank you so much for your youtube videos and blog posts! You always put a smile on my face <3