Sunday, July 24, 2011

Casual Day in the Sun with Jewelmint

I'm trying to post more fashion posts here on my blog so here we go....
I spent the day filming and cleaning so I really wasn't dressed to impress
I also found some time during the day to go outside to the park
and take a few pictures of my casual outfit for my blog.

I hope all of you like it.

I really hope I am able to post more blog posts like this to my website

These are honestly my favorite posts to read when I'm browsing other blogs.
I especially love seeing pictures of other girls and how they put together
their outfits. Everyone has such a unique sense of style and I think these are
a lot of fun, even when the outfit is as casual as mine...

I truly enjoy being in front of the camera no matter how crazy or weird I look.
And although I've done modeling in the past I've never claimed to be
this big shot in front of the camera and I've never once felt I was a very
photogenic person and this picture is a perfect example of that haha.

& of course I had to end it with one silly picture.
This was my attempt at a jumping picture haha.

Blouse- Forever 21
Tank Top- Hollister Co.
Distressed Shorts- Forever 21
Sandals- Charlotte Russe
Earrings- Jewelmint
Bracelet- Jewelmint
Rings- Jewelmint

Photo Credits: My Johnnyboy <3

Yup... I said it, MY Johnnyboy. I haven't really made it that official until now I suppose.
Johnny and I got back together earlier this month and also last friday Johnny
made a huge step by finally allowing me to show him to all of you.

So are you still dying to see what Johnny looks like..
it's finally revealed here on my facebook (click link)

Talk to you all soon
Have a magical day!
xoxo Jackie


  1. jackjack!!! you are sooooo pretty :)