Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School: Fashion & Advice

It's everyones favorite time of year.. BACK TO SCHOOL

Okay maybe it's not everyones favorite time of year but it's a time of year
we all go through and whatever feelings you have whether it's nerves, sadness, or excitement,
it's here and you got to be ready for it. I'm gonna share with you some advice on everything 
from fashion, confidence and the hard part... homework.

Today, I'm featuring my sister Kateline because I thought it would only
be appropriate since she really IS going back to school.

She's going into her Junior year of High School and I'm so excited for her.
Not only does my sister have confidence in her own unique style, but she
also has a lot going for her this year with musical theatre and madrigals choir.

Kateline has an edgy tomb boy style, but with her natural beauty,
long locks, and sweet smile she still keeps a girly touch to any look.

When it comes to finding your own style don't be afraid to step out of the box
and do/wear whatever you want. Don't worry what others have to say
because at the end of the day whose opinion matters most.... YOURS! :)

Studying is important, especially if you have plans to go to college after high school.
My sister is the most studious person I know, she spends more time studying
than socializing and although it may be tough right now she knows it will all
be worth it in the end. So don't spend all your time in social events and parties,
studying and working hard will definitely get you further in life than parties.

But with that said, I still think it's good to enjoy your time in school while you're there.
Going to school dances, pep rally's and football games are definitely
going to be a lot of fun and it will be something you'll always remember.

So work hard but not too hard :)

Lastly, start your school year off right with the right kind of attitude.
Have confidence in yourself and all of your decisions. 
Don't let others walk over you or bring you down. 
The unfortunate part of school is that there is always going
to be bullies, I wish I could stop bullying myself but the
reality is that there are always going to be negative people
that will try to bring you down.

Keep in mind that the only reason they may try to bring you down 
is because they're jealous of you and your success and they have their 
own insecurities. Ignore them completely if not it will only give them
more pleasure in bullying you. If you can ignore them not only does it make 
you a better person, it also shows them that they're clearing wasting their time 
trying to bully you.

 Just have fun and be yourself.
That's the best advice I could ever give.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed my 
guest feature.. my sister Kateline! She also has a youtube
channel so please send her some love and subscribe.

Kateline's Channel- Click Here

Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- H&M
Boots- Payless

Have a magical day!
xoxo Jackie


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