Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ballerina Bunz

In my recent makeup tutorial and fashion video I got several request to do
a the hair style I was wearing in both of those videos.
(click the links to check out those videos if you haven't yet)

So here I am today to share with you this easy tutorial on how
to achieve the look. It's a high ballerina bun on the top of my head.
Sounds funny huh? lol

But it's actually a very cute, chic hairstyle and every time I 
wear my hair like this I get endless compliments. 
& the coolest part about this look was that I was able to 
create this look with my short hair! 

So if you have short hair check out this tutorial and be prepared
to get swarmed with compliments.
You're welcome! hehe :D

Hope you enjoy!
Love you all
Have a Magical Day!

xoxo Jackie


  1. Hey so I tried to do a sock bun and I didn't think it would work because I have pretty short curly hair but it does work!!! If you pull it to the top of your pony tail and then roll it down with your hair , then pin what doesn't catch in the rolling. It gives volume to my bun without having to go through the process of curling/volumizing it and looks so cute!!!