Thursday, September 8, 2011

Outrageous Power Outage

So today around 3:30pm while I was making phone calls at work we experienced
a blackout. Now, when these sort of things happen no one freaks out or anything
we just wonder, "what's going on?". But today was different....

I'm sitting in the back room making phone calls and when I come back to
my counter I see all the lights off and the employee's evacuating the customers from
the store. I ask my counter manager what happened and she explained how
there has been a black out for about a half hour now.

Oh.. no big deal I thought. So what are we going to do now, it's barley 4pm
and I'm not off until 6pm. Unfortunately our executive managers made us stay
at work until we were off. So for the next two hours I stayed in the dark 
trying my best to clean and straighten up my area.

Then when I leave work I realize how boiling hot it is outside and
when I get home there will be no AC and no fans, so I enjoy the AC in the car
for the ride home. Speaking of which... because all the lights were out it took my
20 minute drive home an hour to complete. 

Apparently there was a power outage in the entire San Diego County, parts of Arizona & Baja
So all the stop lights, electricity, gas stations, and some cell phone carries
were in no working order. Luckily my phone was still working a little
so I turned on the radio to listen to the reports and long story short.
We might be without power for the rest of tonight and probably all of tomorrow.

How funny is it that there use to be life with no electricity and no power
and we're struggling to survive for two days without it.
Our water may be an issue though because it takes electricity to pump
the water through the pipes from the mountains but with no electricity
we're not getting any more water and at this point we only have
enough water for the city for one day.

Was it necessary for this blog? Nope not at all...
But I've never experienced a power outage/blackout for this long.

I pray that they get the power working soon.
Never lose your optimism during any time of struggle.
Hey, because of the power outage I saw SOOO many active people
running, riding bikes, and walking dogs on my way home :)
How great is that! 

Well I'm just here on my laptop until it completely dies.
So I guess I'll let you guys go for now.
Thanks for letting me share my dark situation with all of you.
I'm excited to wake up tomorrow to a bright sunny day.

Talk to you all soon! Love you!
xoxo Jackie


  1. OMG! That's crazy! Wow we seriously take too many things for granted. I hope you're okay Jackie!

  2. that is bad here in england in a little town in kent where i used to live we had no power for a week all because some vandals set alight to our local power station luckily my mum lived in the next town so we went there as they had power hope it comes back on soon.