Friday, October 28, 2011

Jewelmint: JaaackJack Set

This video is long long overdue and I apologize for that.

But I'm here to introduce you to the JaaackJack Set that Jewelmint
allowed me to create. No, this isn't a set online for you to purchase.

This collaboration for the JaaackJack Set was mainly just for 
fashion purposes. They allowed me to pick three pieces that 
described my style and put them together and be featured on their blog.

Here's the link to their blog post:

In the Blogger Spotlight I share why I picked these three pieces and
why I think they go together so perfectly. I also have some pictures
on their on how I would style the pieces. But if you're a follower
on my blog you'll know that I've done a few blog posts featuring those
three pieces. The links to those posts will be listed below:

For more information about each piece and detailed pictures
check out my latest video.

Thank you so much
Have a Magical Day!
xoxo Jackie