Monday, February 27, 2012

Moving Experience- Day Two

Today I spent the day unpacking all my boxes and shopping
with my mom for all the essentials I need for my place.

Check out our shopping cart at Target.

I did the majority of my shopping at Target, I also went to Walmart
and a few random stores as well. But I love Target the most!

When I got home it was already pretty late, but I stayed up
till 1 in the morning to get as much unpacking done as possible.
I actually really like unpacking because I was able to
organize and arrange things that way I wanted.

So here is my couch at the end of the day with all my pillows,
the comforter is actually under the couch because there
is this cool hidden storage when you lift the L side of the couch up.

Here is the crazy mess I was dealing with while unpacking all my shoes.

My itty bitty kitchen which is perfect for me... for now
I think once I get better in the kitchen I'll eventually 
want a bigger one with a cute little island.

Here is the view into my bathroom which has a
bright Tiffany blue theme to it.

And dun dun dun dunnn my shoe closet! :)

My first dinner in my apartment was kind of sad to look at
haha but it was yummy and I had fruit punch with it.
Since I don't have a dining table yet I had to eat this 
on the floor and I'm not gonna lie I felt really sad.
But I know it's only temporary until I get my dining table.

So that ends day two, unpacking and shopping was definitely better
than all the heavy boxes from day one.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more moving posts!

Have a Magical Day!
xoxo Jackie


  1. Is your couch doubling as you bed? or do you just have all those pillows for comfort??? Love the shoe closet! =]

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