Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sneak Peak: I'm Moving!

So throughout the month of January & February I've been in 
a hectic mess trying to find my very first apartment.
This is a big step in my life, I've moved out of my parents
house before but this is the first time I'm getting my own place.
I've never felt more nervous, excited and independent in my entire life.

I'm really happy to announce that I have finally found a place to move into.
It's a small studio, which I was skeptical about at first
but when I saw it in person I thought it was just perfect.
It's only going to be me, so I don't need a ton of space to begin with.
So I turned in my application last week and that same day
I got a call saying that I have been approved!

Tomorrow is moving day and I'm so excited to finally get those keys.

I know that my viewers/readers are a wide range of ages
so many of you may have already experienced your first apartment,
and if so I'd love to hear your experiences and/or any advice you have.
But for those who haven't experienced this big step yet,
I hope to share my journey with you & by doing so, this will help you in the future.

I wasn't planning on sharing this experience at first
but I thought it was only fair to kind of explain my absence in the
Youtube world as well as the Blogger world, and I thought it would
be nice if I could somehow help others who are planning to get their own place.

So this blog post was kind of the sneak peak into what you're
about to expect on both my blog and youtube channel.
Starting tomorrow I'm going to blog and vlog about my moving experience.

Wish me luck! :)

xoxo Jackie


  1. Good luck and congrats on your new place. My first flat (Im from the UK) was tiny but that just makes it easier to clean, when it comes to cleaning the larger house Im in now, I wish to be back in my smaller home.
    Emily xx

  2. good luck. That is a big step, hoping for the best and for your moving experience vlog =)

  3. Good luck on your new place. That's excitement to move out and be independent. You should do Vlog!! Have a great week and take care.