Wednesday, March 14, 2012

L'oreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup Review

This has been a foundation all of you have seen in

many many many of my videos. I feature the L'oreal
True Match Foundation in my favorites videos and several
makeup tutorials as well, so I get asked a lot for a full
length review, and I'm here today to fulfill your requests :)

I feel the easiest way for me to share my opinions and thoughts on 
this foundation is to write out a list of pros and cons,
and then at the end give you a rating out of 5 stars.      

Okay so let's start with the Pros (the good)

-It's a medium to full coverage foundation with build-able coverage 
(That means you can keep adding more to get the perfect coverage,
-It's not lying when it says SUPER-BENDABLE because it really
does blend so seamlessly into the skin.
-It's oil- free and has SPF 17 
-They have an enormous range of colors
-They also have three separate collections of colors for
cool undertones, neutral undertones, and warm undertones
-This foundation suits ALL SKIN TYPES! (Oily, Combo, & Dry)
-This tiny bad boy lasts quiet a long time, I can't tell how much
I have left in my bottle, but I've already had mine for 
easily over 6 months.

Okie dokie now moving on to the Cons (the bad)

-The packaging isn't the best, because it's a glass bottle
it can break easily.
-Also the packaging is very inconvenient because you have
to pour out the foundation so sometimes it can be
pretty messy and also you can pour out too
much sometimes, causing you to waste product.
-And the last con I can think of is that it doesn't work 
perfect with my skin during those few times a year when
my skin gets REALLY dry and flakey.  

As you can see I have a lot more GOOD to say than BAD.
And the over rating of this foundation is 4/5 stars   ★ ★ 

I would absolutely repurchase these foundations again.
I also use them for my Makeup Kit so that's why I have a lot.
They mix very well too for those who can't 
seem to find the perfect shade for yourself or a client. 
I'm in the color Natural Beige W4 for any of you wondering.

Colors: Porcelain, Natural Beige, Honey Beige

Colors: Creme Cafe, Cappuccino, Cocoa

I know these pictures don't give true justice to this foundation but
I thought I'd share anyways. 

I did set my foundation with a powder so please keep that in mind.

I prefer a matte finish but this foundation does give you a nice
healthy glow without powder.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review
 and be sure to check out the video review for more details.

Have a Magical Day!
xoxo Jackie


  1. I love this foundation and your eye makeup, especially. It's so simple, but GORGEOUS! =)

  2. => Is it the same as yours ?

  3. Cannot wait to run out of one of my current foundation so I can try this one out. I was helping out a girlfriend of mine pick out a foundation at Ulta the other day, and I remembered your positive review on this particular foundation. So I helped her pick out a shade in True Match. I'm still waiting to hear from her about her thoughts on it. From some of your past tutorial videos, I noticed you've used Revlon Photoready Foundation. What are your thoughts/opinions on that foundation?