Monday, April 9, 2012

How To: Look Like Effie Trinket From The Hunger Games

Here's a tutorial on how to achieve
Effie's look she wore to the reaping.

I'm using my sister Kateline as a model today.

First put a wig cap on before applying the wig.

(If you have a white wig that would look more realistic but all we had was a blonde wig.)
I bobby pinned the wig into messy random pin curls
and also cut up a pink t-shirt and rolled it to make my
best impression of a big flower on top of her head.

So first we're going to cover up her eyebrows and I didn't have
a glue stick to get the job done so I just piled on a lot of product.
So I started off with the List Waiter Concealer Wheel
and with my finger applied that messily throughout her eyebrow hair.

The next thing I used was the Coastal Scents Concealer Wheel
and I made sure to get it evenly all over the hairs.

I then took a white face paint from the Halloween store
and gently dabbed that on top with my finger.

The with Revlon's PhotoReady Translucent Powder
I applied that right on top with a sponge.

Once you have both eyebrows covered and concealed,
we're ready to get started with the face.

Effie had an extremely pale face at the reaping, but it wasn't 
white like a clown. So I didn't use a white face paint on Kateline's
face, instead I used L'oreal's True Match Foundation in the color Porcelain.
Which happens to be their lightest, most pale shade. 

So once you apply an even coat of foundation onto the skin
you can go ahead and wrap a scarf around your neck.

Effie had a black turtle neck on and Kateline and I don't own
any turtle necks so we just put a scarf around her neck.

Also I chose to put the scarf on after foundation so that I didn't
get any on my scarf. 

Once the scarf is on you can go ahead and set the foundation
with the same Revlon PhotoReady Translucent Powder and a sponge.

Moving onto the eyes I'm using The Balm's Down Boy Blush
and applying that onto the lid.

Apply the same color onto the lower lashes as well.

Be sure to clean up any fall outs with the foundation brush.

Now just do the same thing to the next eye.

Moving on to the blush I'm using the same color we used
for the eyes The Balm's Down Boy Blush and applying
that on the upper cheek bones and onto the temple.

Now apply mascara to the upper lashes and you want to use
the most WET mascara you own, you'll see why next. 
I'm using Clinique's High Impact Mascara.

Now with any pink eyeshadow loose pigment, I'm using
Glamor Doll Eyes Strawberry Cupcake Eyeshadow, you
want to dust this onto the wet mascara.

Now you have pink eyelashes just like Effie.

I'm lining her entire lip with L'oreal's Automatic Lip Liner in Roses/Mauve
and fill it in as well.

Now with NYX's Lipstick in Jaipur I'm applying that
with a lip brush and creating a wide heart shape
on her lip.

Now for the final Effie touch, add a gold loose pigment onto
the center of the bottom lip. I'm using Sugarpill's Goldilux Pigment.

And the look is complete!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
& may the odds be ever in your favor

xoxo Jackie


  1. Ha ha! Such a fun post :-) You did a really fantastic job!!