Saturday, July 21, 2012

$20 Makeup Challenge (NO ELF Products)- JaaackJack

Is it possible to create a beautiful full face of makeup for only $20?

That's the point of this whole challenge and I totally think it's possible to 
create a beautiful full face of makeup for only $20. Not saying that mine is
beautiful or perfect... my eyebrows could definitely use some help but 
overall this is a nice wearable day time look that was actually UNDER $20.

If any of you have a strict budget with your makeup I think this tag is
perfect for you to watch and get ideas on, because for $20 I'll show you what
affordable products work and don't work and you can see personally
how they apply and the pigmentation they give off.

I was actually surprised how good some of the quality was on these
really cheap, affordable products. 

Oh and not to mention I made this challenge even harder by staying away
from ELF Cosmetics. Even though I love ELF and they're the most affordable
brand, I wanted to really see if there was other makeup that was just as
affordable and just as good :)

Product List w/ Prices:


-Wet & Wild Eyeshadow Trio "Sweet As Candy" $2.99
-NYC Khol Brow/Eyeliner Pencil "Dark Brown" $0.99
-Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Mascara $2.99


-NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup "Soft Beige" $2.74
-Wet & Wild Concealer Stick "Light Medium" $1.99
-NYC Smooth Skin Loose Powder "Naturally Beige" $2.89
-NYC Cheek Glow Blush "River Side Rose" $2.89


-Wet & Wild Lipstick in "Pink Ice" $0.99


So how do you guys think I did?
Let me know in the comments :)

Have a Magical Day!
xoxo Jackie


  1. The Wet "n Wild Eyeshade a really great from drugstore. Your Did a Good Job

  2. i love when your eyebrows are filled in this way. gorgeous!

  3. I laughed so hard when you fought with the foundation and nothing came out! :D I usually use more cheaper eyeshadows because they slip a lot out of my hands.. I think it turned out really good! Would love to do that challenge as well in the future :)

  4. You were awesome in the $20 challenge. (No Elf)
    I'm a photographer and I see a lot of good and baaad make-up jobs. I'd hire you in a heart beat!