Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Celebrity Inspired Outfit Of The Day- Mary-Kate Olsen

Hey guys today I have an outfit of the day inspired by fashion icon
Mary-Kate Olsen and I really like how this outfit turned out, 
I hope you guys enjoy it as well so let's get started.

So you guys know fashion is not my forte, how many times
do I say that? LOL it's because it's true. I always struggle in the
morning trying to dress myself because I never know
 what to wear or how to style things. 

So I decided to start looking at celebrity style for inspiration
and let me tell you, it's made getting dress SO much easier.

Here's the inspiration picture for today's outfit:

And now here's my interpretation, what do you guys think?

Look at my little Cali in the corner, she's so cute :)

White Tee- Gap
Maxi Skirt- Forever21
Sandals- Charlotte Russe
Rings- Target & Charlotte Russe
Bracelet- Jewelmint For Keeps Bracelet
Earrings- Forever21
Purse- Forever21

So I hope you guys enjoyed, be sure to check out the 
fashion video I made below and I'll see you guys
next time! I love you all!

Have a Magical Day
xoxo Jackie


  1. I love this, I've been wanting to try a maxi skirt but I don't think it'd go good with my shape.


  2. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? xx