Sunday, September 23, 2012

When People Gossip About You....

So it's been a while since my last inspirational/motivating blog post 
and I really enjoy doing these types of posts because I love to be able to help other people. 
So at first I was thinking to myself... "Hmmm what should I write about today?" 
And then I realized I should probably talk about GOSSIP and what to do when people
talk and gossip about you behind your back because I know it's something we all experience.

No matter how old or young you are there are always people who gossip and to be honest 
that's just how humans are. I've experienced it all throughout grade school and even now 
as a young adult and I've even witnessed it with much much older adults (grandma status)
so it's not just a  "young" "immature" thing to do, unfortunately it's a "human" thing to do.

I say that it's a human thing to do because as humans we all crave
and desire for the same thing- Acceptance in society.
So how do you accomplish this feeling of acceptance?

If you gossip about someone you are ultimately trying to put them down and
make them seem like a bad person, which would  make it seem like
you're a better person, therefore feeling more accepted.

Isn't that just silly though? If you've gossiped about someone before, 
and let's face it, we all have; Did you feel better about it afterwards?  
Your answer is probably "No".

It's an easy mistake that humans make because of that subconscious 
craving for acceptance by others. So next time before you start
gossiping and talking about someone behind their back think
about why you're doing this and if it will make you any better of a person.
here's a hint... gossiping won't make you a better person.

Now here's some advice on how to deal with people gossiping ABOUT you... at first it might
hurt your feelings and make you sad or it might make you really angry and mad.
But just think about this... that person talking about you is just trying to make
themselves feel better because they are feeling an emptiness inside of them.
Be the better person by not letting it get to you. 

"People will talk about you when they envy you and the
life you lead. Let them. You affected their life. 
Dont let them affect yours."

I hope you found this helpful.
Let me know in the comments some topics
you'd like to see me talk about next time!

Bye Have a Magical Day
xoxo Jackie


  1. thank you for this post!! i agree with so much that you have said

    dont let those gossip bring you down xoxo

  2. Hi! The best way to deal with gossip is to prove them wrong :) Been there, done that. Keep doing what you love!



  3. Hey! Well, gossip people are part of everybody lifes but, if you know the truth and the people that you love either, there's no reason to care about it :)
    I love you Jackie! <3