Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Tonight is Halloween and I must say I'm very sad about the amount of spirit
my town seems to lack, I'm not sure if it's just my area or it's
Halloween in general. What do you guys think?

Halloween just doesn't seem the same anymore, I'm not a big 
Halloween fan but I remember when I was a kid Halloween was a BIG deal!
EVERYONE would dress up and go trick or treating,
now I see only a few kids walking around door to door for candy.

What a shame that kids don't get to enjoy the fun of 
Halloween like we used too as kids. Kinda of makes me
wonder what Halloween will be like when I have kids.


I still have Halloween spirit and I dressed up as a Panda
thanks to Ingrid's Panda tutorial video. It was a super
easy costume to come up with. I didn't really have any
Halloween plans except to take my sister Trick or Treating,
but I still wore a costume throughout the day.

Boy... I got a lot of looks, no one dresses up unless they're 5 years old.
Halloween is your ONE TIME OF YEAR to dress up and be as 
creative and crazy as you want, and no one did.

Did you dress up this year? :)
Let me know in the comments and be sure to 
check out my "Get Ready With Me" video below!

Bye Have a Magical Day!
xoxo Jackie


  1. Adorable little panda outfit!


    Happy Halloween

  2. Cute costume! I think not as many kids trick or treat anymore (coming from a parent of 2 girls) is because times have changed. You can't trust people now days to be giving your children candy. Just last Halloween, a razor blade was found in a piece of our candy (in a neighborhood you would never think would occur). You just have to be more cautious, and unfortunately, the children miss out because of the crazies that live in our world.

    1. Isn't that just horrible though! It really makes me sad, I wish children were able to experience the same things we did when we were younger. Not only with Halloween but kids don't even play outside anymore. We live in such a crazy world full of crazy people =(