Friday, October 26, 2012

Vegas Beauty Unbound Event

Here I go again, updating my blog and changing the layout. Hoping that this will
motivate me to blog more regularly. So this time my goal is to update my blog
at LEAST once a week, so let's see how it goes. Also- In case you didn't
notice, I added a new tab at the top labeled "Life".

Along with my blog post about beauty fashion and all that jazz, I'm
also going to include posts about my life. I mean I share my whole
life with you guys online in my daily vlogs so why not just share
my life on my blog as well :)

So last weekend I attended the Vegas Beauty Unbound Event for Battle of the Strands.
It was a 3 day long event which ended in the final competition that was
streaming LIVE on Youtube. I did daily vlogs while I was there so I
will have them all linked below for you guys to watch.

Vegas Day 1- Click Here
Vegas Day 2- Click Here
Vegas Day 3- Click Here
Going Home Day 4- Click Here

So here's my weekend summed up in instagram photos.

Brittnay (Brittkneegirl1) and Jessika (TheStyleSegment) and I
right after we landed in Vegas. We were SOOO tired! 

Kayley (LetsMakeitUp1), Tati (GlamLifeGuru), Kayla (CutseyGirl09), and I
shopping in TopShop at Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas!

Myself, Jessika (TheStyleSegment) and Ashley (Alhsander)
inside of Vanity for the first night of celebrations for BOTS (Battle Of The Strands).

Jessika (TheStyleSegment), Kayla (CutseyGirl09), Nicole (Nguerriero19), 
Melisa (LoveMelisaMichelle1), Kayley (LetsMakeitUp1) & I inside of Vanity.

Brittnay (Brittkneegirl1) and I at Vanity 
I love this girl, she's so awesome!

Jessika (TheStyleSegment), myself, and April (AprilAthena7)
shopping at Fashion Show Mall. I'm not wearing any 
makeup because I just got a spray tan LOL

Outfit of the day with TheStyleSegment
My dress is from Fashion Q and the shoes are Jessika's but they're from
Shoemint and I think Jessika's outfit is from Forever 21 or Fashion Q?
And her heels are actually mine but they're from Shoemint too :)

The big night! Battle of the Strands with all the gorgeous Youtube girls!
Look how tiny Jess & I are! hahaha

Screenshots from the most awkward and nerve racking
interview I've done LOL

Jess and I ended our Vegas trip at Serendipity's and it was yummy!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, let me know if
you would like to see more "Life" posts and if so what kind of
topics or subjects would you like me to share! 

Hope you're all doing well, I know I haven't been vlogging
too much lately and it's because I've been really sick so I hope all of you
are healthy and happy and not sick! And if you are sick like me
I'm sending you warm wishes and get well soon hugs!

Have a Magical Day!
xoxo Jackie


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