Thursday, December 27, 2012

Losing A Loved One

Losing a loved one is never easy and never expected. It usually happens
out of no where and catches you completely off guard, and it hurts... a lot.

I've never truly experienced losing a loved one until earlier this month.
On Tuesday December 11, 2012 I lost my very best friend.
And although she may have been just a family dog to others she was
a true best friend and an extremely loved family member.
My heart shattered into a million pieces and my world fell apart. 
(I made a tribute video to celebrate her life on Earth if you'd like to see it, click here)

It's been two weeks and I still find myself tossing and turning in the
middle of the night hoping and wishing that she was still here with me.
And I still cry... Almost every day I shed those painful tears down my face.
I have pictures of her all around me and all I want to do is hold her in my arms.

The only thing keeping me stable is knowing that she is in a better place now,
a place with no pain and no fear. A place where she is healthy and happy.
She lived a full and happy life and I know she tried her best to stay on this Earth 
with us as long as possible. That girl, she's a fighter, and she never quits or gives up. 
She loved us and I know she did all she could. But now she's running 
around and playing with all the other dogs in Heaven and she's happy. 
And I know one day we will be reunited again ❤

Then on Christmas Eve I heard terrible news of a former classmate of mine, an old 
high school friend. On Monday night, December 24, 2012 she got into a fatal car accident.
We weren't super close but there was a time when we had a good friendship.
Knowing she's not here on this Earth is such a strange feeling. She didn't
get to live her life fully. It was taken away from her way too fast, and that
really break my heart. A lot of families suffered this holiday season with 
all the unexpected deaths from car accidents to shootings.

I know a lot of us are in pain but I'm writing this to bring sunshine back
into your heart and back into your life. Your loved one may not be here
on this Earth anymore but their spirit is. When you're feeling down, think
of them because they're right there with you- to comfort you and to continue loving you.
And then there will come a day when you are brought up to Heaven to
reunite with your loved one and spend eternity with one another. 

It may not make sense to you now, why your loved one is gone.
But now is the time to trust in God. If it made sense, everyone would
be doing it, right? One of my favorite quotes is from a song by Paramore. 
"It's not faith if you use your eyes."

So trust in God because he loves you and he is taking very good care
of your loved ones in Heaven now. I hope this brought you peace and comfort.
I love you all so much.

Have a Magical Day!
xoxo Jackie


  1. Well said, Jackie!!

    I praise God to provide you the understanding and I continue to pray God's continuous guidance in your life :-D

    God bless :-)

  2. awww. I love our dogs so much too. stay strong jackie! she is watching you guys from doggie heaven :)

  3. Beautiful words for a broken heart, God Bless