Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Hair Story

Once upon a time there was a girl named JaaackJack
who had beautiful long dark hair.

But then one day she decided she wanted to try something new
so she chopped off all her hair into an a-line bob.

She loved it so much but then one day she wanted to try
something different AGAIN....

This time she got blonde highlights.... lots of blonde highlights.

She even got a feather extension
She's was wild now!

She even dyed her hair red and yellow!
haha okay she didn't really do that...

But she got tired of the blonde really fast and decided to grow
out her hair. She wanted to go back to her long dark hair.

And so she did.
(with some blonde dead ends I may add haha)

But once again she wanted to try something different.
So she cut EVERYTHING off into a pixie cut.

And she lived happily ever after.
The End

Haha okay on a serious note I've been LOVING my new hair and
I'm so surprised it took me so long to actually get the courage to
go through with this hair cut. I love having a pixie it's so much fun.

I feel like you have to have confidence to really pull off a cut like this.
I don't have confidence all the time so it's important to just fake it until you make it.

Here are some never before seen pictures from the salon.
(look at all the hair on the ground!!!)

And ta-da here's the finish look!

I'm super happy with my pixie cut! The bangs are slowly growing
out, so every day I wake up I love it more and more.

Share your hair story in the comment below!
I'd love to hear it as a fairy tale type of story :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Have a Magical Day
xoxo Jackie


  1. you're awesome! Love you jackieee <3

    1. Haha thank you but you're aweseomer! Haha Love you Jerlyn <3

  2. Loving your new hair style...
    It really fits you and your personality...

    Best Regards Jackie


  3. you look so cute with pixie haircut :) I had the same twice in my life but I didn't feel confident enough to rock it

    1. You gotta fake it (confidence) until you make it! It really works I promise! :)

  4. Once upon a time, there was a girl name S. She was born blond, turned red when she was four to end up as a brunette. Her hair grew as time passed, and she kept on curling and straightening them until she found out, thanks to a failed haircut, that she looked much more like herself with short hair. Since that day, she kept on cutting her hair in a a-line bob, just like the pretty girl from this blog. Sometimes, to add color to her life, she dyes her bang pink and would love to add feather to them !
    Thanks for this inspiration ;)

    1. I LOVED LOVED LOVED reading your hair story! For some reason when things start out as "Once upon a time" I automatically love it! haha That's so cool you've had so many different hair colors <3

  5. I love the Once Upon A Time pun since one of the main characters in this show has an awesome pixie as well! ;D Well, I think for this kind of haircut you really need the face. Mine is kinda round and chubby so a pixie would look ridiculous on me (I know since I cut my hair short once upon a time and I'm so glad my hair grows fast!!) Not everyone can "wear" this like you do :)

  6. You look so beautiful...nice cut, it really look very nice on you...

  7. So freakin cute! It suits you soo well! :) I chopped my very long hair off in the summer of '11 and donated my locks, and NEVER regretted it! Best feeling ever, I'm growing it out again, maybe by the end of this year they will be long enough for a second round of donation! haha :)

  8. it suits you well! hope I get that courage too! haha love you no matter what hair style you might have ;)

  9. I had a pixie cut 2 years ago and I'm growing it out! Getting used to it was not easy. They told me I look like a guy but my partner doesn't mind haha~ You look great Jackie :D

  10. Hi Jackie,
    I love the pixie cut on you it looks so cute!! I did a post on my blog similar to yours going back a couple years on all the hair colors & styles I have had I named it best & worst hair. its not in fairy tale way but I hope you can check it out! :)

    1. Thank you so much and I just checked out your post about your hair! You are BEAUTIFUL!!! <3

  11. Your hair is gorgeous, lovely post


  12. Oh girl, you're so pretty. Love your smile <<33

  13. My name is Jackie too and I'm the same way with my hair. I really want a pixie but I wanna lose some weight first so I can feel extra confident rocking this :)

  14. I loove hair timelines :)
    you look sooo cute!

  15. you're so lucky your hair grows so fast! i cut my hair quite short and it's taken ages to grow back! but i love the pixie cut x x

  16. I love you jackie I'm only 13 years old and you are my inspiration and role model<3god bless:)

  17. Hey Jackie u are soooo BEAUTIFUL!! I watched all ur videos and loved all of them. Even though I didnt actually thumbs up them because I am only ten years old and dont have a youtube accout i still love ur vids

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