Thursday, February 28, 2013

At Least Once A Week

"I'm going to try to blog more regularly"
Okay how many times have you heard me say that?
well... I really am going to try this time! My goal is to post at least once a week.

Most days will probably be short random posts but hey, at least I'm doing something :)
I love writing in my journal but it hurts my hand after writing like 3 pages of thoughts.
(Yeah I write a lot) So i figured I should probably use my blog more often.

So lets see, what's new with me....

* Well for one I have an unpleasant sty on my left eye which means
*I started vlogging again today. I know I used to vlog daily but
it was really hard to keep up with both my beauty channel and
my vlog channel so now this time I will be uploading ONCE A WEEK.
(I even made a cool new intro, I can't wait to share it with you!)
*I went hiking today and I forgot to bring water (VERY STUPID)

& I think that's it haha.
Yes I know my life is SO exciting xD


At the top of the mountain with my mama & Johnny is next to me too
but I had to crop him out. (He likes his privacy) 

I'm totally obsessed with my new work out clothes from SO CUTE & COMFY!
Oh, and I have this mirror and I call it my magic mirror because it makes
my legs look longer which also makes me look skinnier hahaha!
Everyone should have a magic mirror :)

xoxo Jackie


  1. yay for vlogging again :) your workout clothes are so cute, i really adore them! haha i need me one of those magic mirrors.. :p but you look great!

    1. Hahaha thank you! (the secret to the magic mirror is the angle it's leaning at on the wall haha)

  2. How long have you been working with Ellie? I've seen a lot of people saying online that it's a scam and after the first month or so they don't get their clothes and still get charged. I really really want it to be legit, but am wary because it seems like their website is frequently down. Have you looked into the company? What has your experience been with them?

    1. This was my first time using their site, I will keep you updated if I continue using Ellie, but I do know that they had a big makeover because they were formally known as PV.body and i'm not 100% sure but that could have something to do with their website being down in the past. I really like their clothes though, so cute and comfy! :)

  3. Yayyyyyy i love your blogs it makes me feel happy. Thank youuuuuuuuuu:)<3

  4. It's no magic mirror Jackie, you're so beautiful and you should love your body! It's the one place you have to live!
    You look so happy and that's great! Hope your sty goes away, I really hate when that happens. I miss my makeup right away :(

    1. You're so sweet thank you!! Yeah styes are not fun! I threw away so much makeup because of it =(

  5. Hey Jackie, i´m a huge fan of you- my dream would come true if i could meet you! :) your videos helped me to get trough so many things.. you don´t believe, but i just wanted to say thank you- thank you for having the time to make youtube videos, thank you for making these wonderful blogposts and thank you for beeing you, you´re so natural and friendly but crazy and sweet at the same time! that´s why i will always support you, even if i´m living on the other half of the world!
    You look so much skinnier it´s crazy how fast you´ve lost weight! you look sooo.. good, could you do a fitness tutorial or show the things you do at home for workout,..?
    Jackie, i love you, many people say this- but i´m your Number 1 fan!!
    I wish you a good (and magical ;)) day it´s evening here, xoxo´s Filiz :) (from Germany)

    1. That's amazing! Thank you for such a sweet and loving comment I truly appreciate that! I haven't really lost any weight... yet! haha It's just my magic mirror :)

      Love you a bunch! big hugs!
      xoxo Jackie