Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To NOT Look Sick When You Are

Did you see the video I posted yesterday? I sounded like such a man right? LOL

I've unfortunately been on and off with the flu for the past
week and a half and I've been feeling like total poo poo!
But from the picture below I could easily fool you huh?

I don't look sick at all in this picture!
Here's some tips to looking totally fine and healthy,
even if you feel like you're dying inside! haha 

(of course you should always rest and try to get better but there are those
times when you have things to do that gotta get done)

Tip #1 Wear comfortable clothing!
When your sick you just want to stay in your pj's but if you
have to go out keep the comfort and just add some style with a maxi dress.
Tip #2 Wear sunglasses
Even if it's not sunny, your shades can hide tired sick eyes.
Tip #3 Make quick enhancements to your face
This all depends on how you feel of course. Try defining your eyebrows,
curling your lashes and applying a little bit of concealer. It will make
a huge difference to your face :)
Tip #4 SMILE
As long as your smiling no one will ever think you're sick!

If you're currently sick right now like me I hope you feel better soon!
We're strong and I know we can get through this cold together!
Get some rest and drink lots of fluids!

Ps- If you're super congested and can't breathe, try getting some "Breathe Right"
nose strips, I've been using them a lot the past few days and they're
such a life saver!!! Good luck!

xoxo Jackie 


  1. Thanks for your suggestions. Have 3 people sick in the house right now :(

  2. I hate being sick, like who loves it? Anyway, thanks for the tips :) I also make it a point to wear a bit of makeup because I look dead without it, even on normal days anyway. Since I have long hair, I wear it with a pony or in a bun. Drink lots of fluids!

  3. Hi Jackie! I love this video, I was wondering what lip butter you used in the video? Thank you!