Monday, March 25, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Theory

Ever since I collaborated with Style Haul & Last Looks
for Pretty Little Liars- I've been hooked on the show!
And today I wanted to take a break from all the beauty talk and just
share my thoughts, predictions and theories on the show.

*WARNING* There will be spoilers in this blog post!

So season 3 has come to an end, we found out that Toby is
in fact still alive and it was a staged death. (big surprise there... not)
We also learn that Spencer has joined the A team to find out
more information and now her and Toby are together again working
as a team to outsmart A/Red Coat. Emily finds Melissa, Jenna and Shana together
talking and it doesn't seem good. Spencer, Toby and the girls outsmart Mona
at the lodge but Aria, Hana, Emily & Mona get trapped inside the lodge
and a fire breaks out and they're trapped and their gonna die. (not really)
Toby & Spencer follow a helicopter to find Red Coat but Toby hears
someone so they split up and Toby gets knocked out.
Red Coat saves all the girls from the fire and Mona and Hana see that
Red Coat is..... ALISON! Then at the end Wilden's sunken police car
is found and the video tape is rolling and we see that Jenna and Shana
are the ones who pick up Wilden after the hit and run. Then they get
a text from A and open the trunk and they all gasp and the episode ends.

Okay time for discussion-

I don't think anyone was surprised that Toby was still alive. The body they
brought to the morgue DID have Toby's tattoo but it looked faded like it was
fake AND if you look closely there's a  scar right by the tattoo in the same spot 
Jason had a scar, several episodes back. So I think Jason is the one that's really dead, 
kinda sad I felt like he had  a lot of answers for the girls and he could have helped them more.

Now Spencer and Toby together on A team is so awesome! I love them
together and I think they're both so smart that they'll be able to take down the leader of A. 

As for Melissa Jenna and Shana I definitely don't trust any
of them and I feel like they were the ones that started the fire and knocked
Toby out. As for Alison being Red Coat I'm not surprised at all.
 I know people keep bringing up the twin theory and I do agree- 

Alison definitely has a twin but I think the twin was the one
they found dead and Alison has been alive this whole time. I can see that
she cares for the girls and doesn't want to kill them so I feel like maybe there is another
Red Coat who is REALLY part of the A team, I feel like that might be Cece.
I don't think Allison is part of the A team because before she "died" A was
harassing her too. OR she could be infiltrating the  A team like 'Spoby'.

And lastly for the police car I think they found 
Jason's body in the back of the trunk and now A is going to
frame the girls for Jason's death. On that note- notice how the
girls look shocked and horrified and Mona looks mad/confused.


Pretty Little Liars is such a confusing show, there are so many
twists and turns in this show it's definitely hard to keep up with sometimes.
But I hope you guys enjoyed this, let me know if you'd like me 
to continue sharing my PLL theories and please please please
share your theories and ideas in the comments below because I would
definitely love to hear your thoughts on the show. 

Until next time

I mean xoxo Jackie ;)


  1. I loved it! I think your theory about Jason being dead makes a lot of sense! And yes, I think everyone knew that Toby was alive. For me, Alison has a twin definitely, maybe she killed her or maybe they swapped lifes for a bit.. I don't know, but I have really good expectations for season 4! CAN'T WAIT!

    1. I've heard that theory that maybe the twins swapped lives and knowing PLL it could very well be true! It's so hard to really be certain what's going on. I can't wait to see what surprises they'll throw at us in season 4! :D