Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You Gotta Try This!

I love making makeup tutorials, they're so much fun and it's a chance for me to 
test my creativity skills.  But just as much as I love makeup, skin care is also 
very important  to me as well. Without a good skin care system, you won't
have a good canvas to work on. I've learned the more I take care of my
skin the easier it is to apply makeup, and the more I get to try out too.

I've tried so many different skin care products, from the drugstore to high end.

But the one product that has stuck to me throughout it all has been

I've already gone through bottles of this stuff, it's an incredible cleanser
that EASILY removes makeup, dirt, and any other gross stuff on your face.
It even takes off my waterproof mascara! It's a pretty incredible product!

What I like about it is that it's like my one step system to remove everything from
my face at night. I don't have to use a separate eye makeup remover or anything
like that, just one pump of this bad boy and it removes EVERYTHING! :)
Plus it's gentle enough to use around the eye area. Oh and did I mention it smells like heaven!?
You get that warm honey smell with a splash of citrus and it smells so yummy.
I wish I could eat it but I don't think it will taste very good hahaha!

And guess what?

I have an AWESOME deal for you guys! Sign up here and you will get
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They store your email address in their system so whenever you log in to
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How cool is that? I don't know about you guys but I'm definitely going
to take advantage of this deal! Plus Michael Todd products aren't
very expensive to begin with! So this is a killer deal!

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick RAVE over my favorite skin care product
and I'll talk to you guys soon! (Yay for weekly blog posts!)

xoxo Jackie