Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paparazzi following JaaackJack

Today I was hanging out at Great America which is an amusement park in 
Northern California, with some of my family and the paparazzi were all over
the place snapping photos.... okay not really haha I just have a dad who 
loves to take photos and candids of me apparently haha!

I have to admit it was kinda fun to look through all his photos at the
end of the day, I guess this is what it'd be like to have paparazzi snapping photos of you.

Have you ever had a paparazzi "type" moment? Share in the comments below!
Maybe you have a family member that loves to take pictures, or 
maybe you went to a big event where everyone wanted your picture.
I'd love to hear your stories :)

xoxo Jackie


  1. You're simply lovely, wish I had a dad like dad and I were that photogenic, you look so cute in all of them!

    1. You're the sweetest thank you so much <3