Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Birthday at Disneyland

Yesterday was my birthday and I had such a blast hanging out with
Jessika (TheStyleSegment). She's seriously one of the sweetest people I know!

Here are a few pictures from Disneyland, if you want to
see more fun, check out yesterdays vlog:

Obviously Splash Mountain was our favorite ride! haha
What's your favorite ride at Disneyland? :)

xo Jackie


  1. You girls are fearless - I mean the Splash Mountain, amazing how your headband stayed still, not like Charis' uncle's cap - I can't handle rides like that :-(

    Few years ago, we went to Florida Disney World, it wasn't even a ride but just those animated thingy that made you feel like the surrounding is moving up/down and side way, by the time I came out from that, I felt horrible (light headed, sick in the stomach), so I went to the sick bay while my husband took the girls to other attractions.

    By the look of it, you didn't buy the photos, but just had a screenshot (so to speak) of them.
    Anyway, since I don't want to "corrupt" the proper of your e-mail (for business only), I can't send the following to you for your Birthday, so I sent it to myself to obtain the link for you to check it out from this link:

    God bless :-D

    1. Aww thank you so much for the ecard, it was really really sweet of you! I know what you mean I tend to get very sick on rides. Splash Mountain is one of the only ones I actually enjoy all the rest scare me hahaha.

  2. Happy birthday! That seems like a perfect Disneyland outfit!

  3. You looked sooo pretty! I love your outfit and the colors match so well together!
    Hope you get all that you wish for! :) x


  4. Ahahaha. You are so cute. You are the snow white for that day! I love that! Happy Birthday!