Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Go-To Outfit Of The Day

HERP DERP my name is Jackie & my 8 year old
sister was my photographer for today's outfit of the day!

This is my comfy go-to outfit...
Tank top, cardigan, jeans and sandals, and
when majority of it all is pink that's even better!! haha

Cardigan- Forever 21
Tank Top- Forever 21
Jeans-  Pollo
Sandals- Rainbows
Sunnies- Retro City Sunglasses

Peace sign... yup I'm asian!

Haha! Look like I have to go poo in this picture! I don't really but
I do have to go... gotta big day tomorrow, heading off to the P.I.

Wish me luck!
xo Jackie


  1. you really make me smile jackie you're so sweet! love your vlogs and videos! have a great fly! xoxo

  2. Love how you are so simple!!! I love it :) can't wait see pictures of P.I.

  3. nice blog!! follow you darling :))

    please follow me :))