Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Make It Happen

We all have dreams and goals we want to accomplish in our lifetime
but majority of us are just standing around waiting for it to happen.

Success doesn't happen that way, nor does it happen overnight.
It's time to push through the struggles and push through the pain, 
because if you really want to see success in your life,
if you really want to achieve your aspirations,
and you really want to be someone to be proud of,
then you're gonna have to work for it.... starting NOW!

So stop standing around waiting for something great to happen...

xo Jackie

{Photo Credit: Triple M Designz
Photo Edit: Jackie Perdue}


  1. Lovely post Jackie you are right we people usually wait around for great thing to happens to us when in actuality we should be working for those great and then as a reward for our handwork we will achieve our dream on to becoming true.
    But we should be strong enough and have hope within our self to work on those dreams and remember that if we work with all our determination we will and can achieve our dream to becoming true.
    With the help of God..:)
    ♥ LOOK at you ....you have strives so so much and it makes me proud to see your wonderful journey...:)and see you blossomed in this beautiful butterfly who is now inspiring other :)
    That all i got to say...:)
    If you have the time please have a peek at my blog too... and follow if you like it :D It would mean too much for to have you behind my back...
    Love you Jackie...
    God bless you ♥