Friday, December 6, 2013

My week in photos {December 2-6}

Started the week off with my November Favorites filmed at my parents house
Fit in 90 round 2 is in session! The boys are going down!

Of course I had to put my the Christmas Tree the first week of December :)
(Thank you to Johnny's mom for letting me borrow it)

Blood Orange Green Tea…. YUM!

Oh downtown Santa Ana you are so beautiful!

Johnny really likes my hair like this so…. selfie time!

Ended the week with my Fall Empties… whoa there was a lot!

If you haven't see my November Favorites or my Fall Empties
be sure to click the links below to check them out!
November Favorites:
Fall Empties:

Hope you guys had a wonderful week and an even more wonderful weekend!

xo Jackie


  1. love you Jacky, you are such an inspiration :)