Wednesday, January 8, 2014

10 Random Facts about JaaackJack

Hi my name is Jackie & I make Youtube videos!

Okay I'm sure all of you knew that already,
how else would you have found this blog? haha
But here at 10 fun facts that you DIDN'T know about me ;)

10 Random Facts about JaaackJack

1. I pretend to care for fireworks but they actually bore me
2. I keep the volume level on the TV & radio at multiples of 5
3. I'm an unhealthy vegetarian, but I'm working on changing that ;)
4. When I like a song I replay it for days at a time and Johnny gets so annoyed
5. I've always wanted to be in a Broadway Production, hence the reason for my theatrics 
6. I tell myself I'm not afraid but truthfully I'm still afraid of the dark
7. When I'm laying in bed I subconsciously always take my socks off with my toes
8. I will do anything and everything to avoid doing the dishes
9. I hate wearing bras but I feel naked without one
10. No matter how much it annoys people, I will never stop
baby-talking to my Johnny Wohnny :)

Let's see how well you know me, which facts did you know already?
And which ones were a surprise? Let me know in the comments :)

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xo Jackie


  1. I LOVE THE WAY YOU TALK TO JOHNNY IN YOUR BLOGS! lol I talk to my boyfriend too! your relationship inspires me. I have been with my boyfriend since high school too Jackie! <3 Please do a meet and greet in houston someday (:

    1. Thank you so much Jasmine! And yay that's awesome we're not the only baby-talkers!! hahaha and yes I plan on doing a meet & greet in Texas hopefully sometime this year <3

  2. I am they same way with my socks too! I thought I was the only one who do that! and the firework, I act like I love them, but I just really want to go home and cuddle with my bed! Lol love love love your vlogs!!!

  3. Fun! I didn't know any of this about you for sure. I'm the SAME way about fireworks. I love New Years and the Fourth of July but.. firework. UGH! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm also afraid of the dark AND I play songs to DEATH. Even I get tired of the songs.

  4. Fireworks bore me too! I think they're pretty but after the first few seconds it just sounds like extremely vibrantly colored noise...if that makes sense :P

  5. 1 I didn't know
    2 Didn't know but it's funny because I keep the volume level on the TV at multiples of 2 x)
    3 Knew that and I know you you can do it ;)
    4 HAHA watching your vlogs every day, I think I've realized that !
    5 Ooh ! :D
    6 Didn't know but same for me !
    7 Didn't know. It is funny haha
    8 I can't say I knew it, but I guessed it haha
    9 Knew !
    10 Knew ! & it doesn't annoy me, I think it's cute ♥
    Love you Jackiejack

  6. LOL! My boyfriend and I baby talk to each other constantly and we get so much amusement from it. I understand why it annoys people though. It's a couple's thing and very personal. I find it sweet because a lot of couples do it, some just don't admit it. xx