Saturday, January 11, 2014

Before And After With Makeup

Ladies listen up… if your before and after picture are THIS dramatic then we need to talk.

The media has us convinced that woman need makeup to look beautiful.
So many magazines feature celebrities without makeup and use the most
unfortunate pictures of them, making it seem like their "ugly" without makeup.

Do you want to know the real problem? It's all in the application of the makeup.
We keep packing and caking on so much that we hide who we really are, so then
when people see us without all the makeup it surprises them because it looks
like a completely different person. See how we did this to ourselves?

The solution- stop trying to hide your natural beauty. Look, I LOVE makeup and
I love to get a little heavy handed with my makeup brush sometimes but if
we learn to keep our makeup as natural as possible the difference WITH makeup 
and WITHOUT makeup won't be such a big difference after all. 
If you have acne, scars, blemishes or anything of the sort that you want to
conceal, I totally understand. But just don't over do it and change your entire appearance.

Embrace your natural beauty! You are one of a kind and you cannot be replicated.
So let's all stop contouring our noses and cheek bones and love who we really are!

Here's what your new before and after picture should look like...
haha I didn't mean you should look like me! I meant your new before and after
picture should look like the same person in both photos.
Share your before and after pictures and send them to me on ANY of
my social media sites using the hashtag- #JaaackJack

You are beautiful, but don't let me be the one to tell you.
Tell yourself, because YOU need to realize how beautiful you really are.

I love you
xoxo Jackie


  1. I love you jackiie !!!!
    u always make my day!

  2. Absolutely! Great post Jackie! Thanks for trying to present this view to all the viewers who are learning how to do makeup from you - not telling them they have to pack it on, but just showing them how to enhance their natural beauty! And then having fun with it every once in a while ;) Have a wonderful day!

  3. Aaaawww that was so cuteee, i think it should be "wth make up we're cuter" not "without make up we're ugly" I think we all are cute without make up, sure i do look more pretty with some mascara on my eyes, buy i feel fine when i'm wearing nothing, i guess everyone must love themselves, no matter the amount of make up they're wearing.

  4. I couldn't agree more!

    There are so many beautiful girls who are afraid to go out in public without any make up on because they think they're not pretty without makeup. You should love who you are, even without makeup! When you're not happy with who you are without makeup, you're not gonna be happy with makeup as well.. You're just hiding.

    Absolutely love this post and I hope it will make the beautiful girls think twice feeling uncomfortable without makeup. Embrace your (inner) beauty :)

  5. This is such a lovely post, Jackie, and I totally agree with everything you say. So thank you :)

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