Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Smile For The Camera!

Can't fall asleep so I'm staying up editing a few pictures from my
photo shoot I did a few weeks ago with my friend Crystal :)

I edited some of them but others I left untouched. As you can tell by the first picture,
I'm not very good at editing photos. I think I gave myself a sunburn in that one! LOL
If anyone wants to grab any photos and try to edit them, feel free
to do so but be sure to send them back to me (twitter, facebook, instagram, etc)
so I can see your work! I'm sure you guys are A LOT better at this than me haha!

{WARNING- I have a serious sunburn in this picture haha}

{Senior pictures anyone? lol}

 {My lip color is kinda making me look dead here haha}

{Starring contest…. ready set GO!} 

{Eh, I'm not sure we should be taking pictures here}

{Hi I'm Jackie & I'm going to stand against this tree & smile}

{Don't laugh… don't laugh… don't laugh!}

{Just kidding… laugh!}

{Shoot, looks like I got sunburned again LOL}

{In high school my friends called me BIG HEAD… this is why}

{My head doesn't look big from this angle.. right? lol}

{Always act like a lady, even when you're on a swing}


Hope you all enjoyed my silly little captions for each picture. 
If you have a better caption for a picture leave it in the comments! :)

xo Jackie


  1. I love all these pics! They really capture your personality!!! Great job jackie :)