Saturday, March 22, 2014

Green Juice Now Champagne Later

I'm obsessed with my new Juicy Couture workout shirt! If you watch my daily vlogs, you know that I'm always drinking Green Juice! (click here for recipe) Today I'm filming a #FitWithJack episode so I thought it would be a perfect day to wear my new top! I love working out, but what I love even more is looking good while working out. When you look like poo, you feel like poo! Be sure to check out my channel (here) later today for a easy to follow work out video! :)

{Outfit Details}
Top- Juicy Couture; Capri pants- Ellie; Sports bra- Walmart; Shoes- Target;

Links to my outfit details are from my Luvocracy page! Luvocracy is similar to Pinterest, but butter because all the items you would normally "pin" on Pinterest, you can actually BUY on Luvocracy! Plus, every time someone buys one of your recommendations you earn commission! Click my link (here) and sign up to receive $10. I used my $10 towards this Juicy Couture top! 


  1. Love the shirt! So fun!

    Kim |

  2. the shirt is so cute! :D

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