Saturday, April 26, 2014

She Took A Deep Breath & Let It Go...

Sometimes life gives you lemons.... other times those lemons squirt into your eyes & burn.
What I mean is that we all have to deal with unpleasant things but it's how you handle those unpleasant things that matter most. 

I know it seems like I'm happy all the time and nothing ever goes wrong in my life, but that's not true. Sometimes I get angry, sometimes I get sad, sometimes I get annoyed, & sometimes I even get hurt. But I know that whatever I'm dealing with in this moment won't matter later on in life. Sometimes we forget the world around us. We think the world revolves around us and our problems are the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to a human being. It's okay to admit it, I know I've felt this way before. 

But when we're centered around ourselves, our problems seem that much bigger and that much harder to overcome. Life can be as simple as you want it to be. God didn't create this world to be complicated for us, we made it that way. 

So take a step back for a second. If you're dealing with any type of unpleasant situations whether it's problems at work, school, with friends, family, boyfriend, whatever; take a step back and just breath. Breath deep and exhale all the negativity. Get it out of your system and remember that any problem can easily be solved with courage, strength, love and hope.

xo Jackie


  1. yallo! here daily like your vlogs :D ok, that headband has got to be the best one so far haha

    1. Thank you so much! & thank you so much, this one I made with my mom. DIY coming soon :)

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  3. btw, your advice given here is really nice and i agree. if we tell ourselves to think happy thoughts, we become happy as well!